Charlotte Sartre - Inked Goth Pornstar

Charlotte is 24 years old and lives in Las Vegas. She has been doing porn for 4 years and just got married in February.

Charlotte Sartre Goth Tattoo

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Charlotte Sartre, I’m 24 years old and I live in Las Vegas, originally from Northern California. I have been doing porn for 4 years. I got married this February.

What do tattoos mean for you?

Tattoos are just a way for me to express myself, put art I like on my body and collect memories.

What was your first tattoo

My first tattoo was a big spiderweb on the side of my left knee and it hurt like hell.

Was or is there a story or reason behind that first one?

My partner at the time had a really cool sister who taught me how to do stick-and-poke tattoos. I gave her the black flag logo and she gave me this big-ass spiderweb. We did it with a sewing needle in her bedroom.

Goth Charlotte Sartre Ink Tattoo

I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that you have a bit of a fascination for dark and gothic themes. We can clearly see this theme coming back in your tattoos as well. Does that have a special reason or is that just who you are?

I think it’s just part of my personality. I’ve always had this aspect of myself even since birth.

Does your taste in music, movies and books also show that fascination or love?

Yes, I listen to a lot of goth music. And I like really sad, bleak books.

A tattoo that I found quite remarkable is the word Nausea across your midriff. Is there a special meaning or story behind that one?

It’s a book by Jean-Paul Sartre who I also got my stage name from. I did this with a sewing needle over the course of a couple days and just applied a stencil to guide my lines.

The Roman numerals on your chest/shoulder. What’s their significance?

It’s 666 in roman numerals.

Goth Charlotte Sartre Ink Tattoo Inkbase

How many tattoos do you have now? If you can still keep count of course.

Maybe around 30 if you include the small ones.

Do you plan on having more tattoos?

Yeah I always want to get more tattoos and add to existing ones I have. But I will never tattoo my face, back, or my ass.

Do you have a favorite tattoo artist or do you like a bit of variety when it comes to artists?

My favorite artist of all time is Henry Lewis who has done a ton of my work. I also really love Ian Jones, he’s done lots of pieces on me as well. Another great artist is Susan/Elexa Sharp. She is only 22 and does amazing work. She did the portrait of my husband on my calf and I’m astounded by her talent.

Lance Hart Charlotte Sartre Goth Tattoo

Anything else you want to say?

Please watch my pornos.


We won't say no to that! 

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Goth Charlotte Sartre Ink Tattoo Inkbase