Top Six Tattoo Trends You Must Always Avoid

An increasing number of individuals from all across the globe are getting inked. Have you been thinking of doing the same? If yes, apart from hiring a reputed artist, please choose a proper design as well. Not etching Chinese lettering, tribal tattoos, partner’s name, etc. is viable. To

Tattooing helps you leave behind an ineradicable mark of who you are at a particular moment of your life. No matter if you wish to honour a loved one, cherish a memory, rejuvenate outer appearance or simply rebel against society’s conventional notions, this particular procedure successfully accomplishes every endeavour. Now while certain designs are appealing and connotative, few emerged as a huge disappointment.

For details, please check out below-mentioned pointers. 

  • Chinese Lettering

Calligraphy is a highly acknowledged art, and only a few were capable of mastering its techniques. Initially, people followed the said style to etch Chinese letters or barcodes, but now it has become quite ordinary. Covering up is difficult, and many times these motifs treasure meanings unknown to people wearing them. 

  • Flag Tattoos

Top-notch professionals working of Patong ink tattoo studio and even from other studious have said flag tattoos or designs that have been around since time immemorial exude nostalgia, and there is nothing wrong in picking them. However, if your idea is to stand out, and show your uniqueness, staying away from the style stands viable.

  • Partner’s Name

Do not ever go for a body part that you might have to cover or even remove in future. There are other ways of showing affection to a partner. Researches have shown that about 60% of individuals regretted etching their boyfriend/girlfriend’s name because they ultimately broke up with him/her.

  • Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos have impressed a large segment of the population, but you must select this design from among diverse options available only after careful contemplation. The motifs are breathtaking, but the meaning they hold remains unknown. You obviously would not like to carve something on your body only to find out later that it represents obnoxious concepts.

  • Watercolour Tattoos

Watercolour tattoos are incredibly gorgeous, but they tend to fade within a very short period. You must retouch them every two years or so, depending on the extent of sun exposure. You can lengthen longevity by applying sunscreen moisturiser, wearing protective clothing, avoiding swimming for at least a few weeks, etc.

  • Stick and Poke Tattoos

Professionals offering quality yet affordable services for Patong ink tattoo studio emphasised on the disadvantages of the stick and poke style. Young people having no money to schedule appointment with an artist try etching designs on their own, thus, paving the way for infections.

Resisting temptation to opt for any trend specified above can keep regrets at bay. Many artists have also criticised trash polka tattooing, which was encouraged by graphic tendencies of Russia and Eastern Europe.

Owing to being explicit, or in other words, containing violent realistic images, they might cause controversy. Instead, you must choose subtle styles such as black grey, neo-traditional, Irezumi, biomechanical, Dotwork, etc.