8 Awesome and Unique Canadian Tattoo Artists.

If you are in Canada, and you want a tattoo, make sure to check out this list of awesome and unique artists.
Whether you like oldschool, realistic, blackwork or anything else, these artists got you covered!

Ben Kelsch

This is definitely some special, vibrant and colorful artwork. If this style is your cup of tea, and you're in Canada, then Ben is your guy! 

He can be found at Lucky Panther Tattoo in Regina.

Instagram: Ben_Kelsch

Ben Kelsch Tattoo Canadian


Mitch Kirilo

Some solid traditional work, with lots of attention to detail. Traditional is one of my favorite styles personally, and Mitch definitely scratches the right itch.

Mitch can be found at Gas Town Tattoo in Vancouver.

Website: Gas Town Tattoo Mitch

Instagram: Mitch Kirilo

Mitch Kirilo Canada Tattoo Ink canadion old school traditional


Charline Bataille

Charline's work is just special and unique. It's vibrant, colorful and awesome. If you love color and cute things, I strongly advise you to check out Charline's work. 

You can find Charline in Montreal at Minuit Dix Tattoo.

Instagram: Charline Bataille

Instagram: Minuit Dix Tattoo


Charline Bataille canadian canada tattoo ink unique


Brent Smith

Brent is my personal favorite from this list. His work is just so unique, beautiful, detailed and awesome that you can't help but love it!

Brent can be found at Lucky Strike Tattoo in Edmonton.

Website: Lucky Strike Tattoo Brent


Brent smith lucky strike canadian canada tattoo ink


Jessica Smith

Jessica's work is simple but beautiful. It attracts attention and it's captivating. Check it out if you're into simple traditional or unique artwork.

You can find her in St.Johns, Newfoundland.

Instagram: Jessica Smith Tattoos


Jessica Smith tattoo canada ink


Keegan Lam

The attention to detail and the stunning, vibrant designs are some of the best I've ever seen. This guy deserves more attention!

You can find him in Toronto.

Instagram: Keegan Ink


Keegan Lam tattoo ink canada canadian


Rodrigo Mondaca

Vibrant, colorful work is not the only thing this talented artist can do, he also does black and grey, portraits and more. And he does it all with style and detail.

You can find him at Art and Soul Tattoo in Winnipeg.

Website: Art and Soul Tattoo/ Rod


rodrigo mondaca rod tattoo ink canada canadian


Trevor Gusikoski

What better way to end this list than with a donut? This guy is called the king of pop culture tattoos, and he has this name for a reason. Just check out his bold and bright artwork if you're not convinced of his talent.

You can find him in Saskatoon working at Tantrix Body Art.

Website: Tantrix Body Art / Trevor


trevor gusikoski ink tattoo canada canadian