Planning on Getting a Tattoo? Six Major Trends to Avoid

There are few trends such as names of boyfriend/girlfriend, trash polka, extensive script, calligraphy, etc. that you must avoid. To know why consider going through the given discussion.

Tattooing is known for leaving behind an ineffaceable mark of who a person is at a particular moment of his or her life. Through this procedure, you can successfully honour a loved one, express suppressed emotions, portray exclusive preferences, and rejuvenated appearance.

But, instead of paying attention towards the meaning, if you are planning on simply following the latest trends that more than strengthening individuality, shout how much you love going with the flow, you may, unfortunately, end up with designs that lack soul. 

In the following write-up, I have chalked down six tattoos to avoid under all circumstances. Please check them out right now.

  1. Name of Partner

According to professionals working for the tattoo shops in Phuket, you must stay away from a piece that you might need to cover up in the future. Girlfriend/boyfriend names are never a good idea because breakups are real deal. Just imagine seeing your partner’s name on the wrist every day after you both have separated.  

  1. Extensive Script

Apart from uniformity, an artist must also maintain an appropriate definition and depth so that all the letters of the script are readable from a distance. Also drop this option if you are not sure about the spellings, punctuation marks, and implication.

  1. Imitation of Other’s Work

Owing to the internet, you can catch hold of tattoo designs from all across the globe but imitating something is unacceptable. If you like an artist’s work, use it as an inspiration.

  1. Calligraphy

Mastering calligraphy is an extremely challenging endeavour and requires years of hard work. Asian designs are vibrant and eloquent, thus, perfect for tattoo theme, but Chinese characters and barcodes are quite tricky, and at times hold meanings that are unknown to all.

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  1. Trash Polka

Trash polka tattoos are influenced by the graphic tendencies prevalent in Russia and Eastern Europe during the 1900s. Although exceptionally captivating, you might not want to opt for this style because it depicts offensive and explicit urban content.

  1. Outright Trendy

While most of the tattoos specified above have viable limitations, this last one is a tad bit less complicated. The highly competent experts working in the tattoo shops Phuket and other noted locations said they find ultra-trendy designs boring. If you love design, ask your artist to customise it rather than copying directly.

Now that you know exactly which tattoos might not turn out desirable in the long run consider choosing something aesthetically appealing, profoundly connotative, and capable of highlighting significant aspects of your character.

Also, hire an artist with a credible reputation in the market. He or she must adhere to internationally recognised hygiene standards, charge reasonably, and assure a painless outcome no matter what. After etching a motif on your skin, make sure to take proper care otherwise it will fade quickly.