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INKbase is the #1 Tattoo community with a great collection of tattoo studios, shops, artists, designs, magazines, models, suppliers and more!

INKbase - For the Love of Tattoos!

About us

INKbase aims to be the global #1 destination for tattoo culture and lifestyle and the
best place for tattoo artists, studios, shops, models, magazines and photographers to showcase and promote their work.
By means of Interviews, articles, curated galleries, crowdsourced information on the forum, featured profiles, events, hashtags, groups and pages the possibilities are endless!

But wait! There’s more! We are also dedicated to creating and sharing great content on our social media channels. We are talking about tattoo content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and maybe even more in the future.

At the moment we are also looking for INKbase Brand Ambassadors, so if you feel the call to be an ambassador, just send us an email at info@inkbase.net

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INKbase – For the Love of Tattoos.

INKbase, the Tattoo Social Network